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Tizzcat2: omg, my grandma just patted my ass Tizzcat2: o_0;… 
11th-Jul-2005 05:04 pm
Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn
Tizzcat2: omg, my grandma just patted my ass
Tizzcat2: o_0;
SailaNulda: wtf
Tizzcat2: my grandma shirley can't tell us apart. and quite possibly thinks that we're together. ^^^^^;
Tizzcat2: I am really awkwardly amused.
SailaNulda: that is SO amusing
Tizzcat2: she keeps refering to you as 'my girlfriend' and I can't tell if it's in the scary way or not.
SailaNulda: AHHAHAHA
SailaNulda: yeah
Tizzcat2: had this awesome rant session with sasha yesterday,
SailaNulda: for serious?
Tizzcat2: yeah
Tizzcat2: and apparently sasha was really intimidated by you when you first met ^^^^^;
SailaNulda: ^^^^; really? why?
Tizzcat2: 'cause you have the "I can see through you" stare when you zone out ^^^;
SailaNulda: AHHAHAHAHAHhahaha
Tizzcat2: which I find really amusing ^^^^
SailaNulda: now is that your comment or hers?
Tizzcat2: that was totally hers!
Tizzcat2: the "when you zone out" is feko knowledge
Tizzcat2: the rest was hers ^^;
SailaNulda: see through you as in physically? or as in "i know about you and your DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS mwahahaha"
Tizzcat2: the second
Tizzcat2: ^^^^^^;
Tizzcat2: it was cool, actually, we drove around the lakes for three hours.
Tizzcat2: ;_; lost 1/3 tank of gas
SailaNulda: you really are replacing me with her
Tizzcat2: ^^^; but in a good way!
SailaNulda: no! replacing me is BAD.
SailaNulda: you are mine and no one else can have you. not even sasha.
Tizzcat2: but replacing as in, "emily stand-in until she gets back" not as in "emily, who?"
Tizzcat2: ^^; I'll make sure and tell her.
Tizzcat2: or I'll make signs.
Tizzcat2: s'good
SailaNulda: heeeeeeeeeeeee
Tizzcat2: do not mess with feko or feko will fuck you up
SailaNulda: for serious
Tizzcat2: ::menaces people with oz-like-things::
Tizzcat2: people got like, fourty-minute segments devoted to them
SailaNulda: wow
SailaNulda: and you will now tell me everything said
Tizzcat2: a lot of it was backstory
Tizzcat2: ^^; for sure
SailaNulda: because we are FEKO and it is our Duty.
Tizzcat2: that ended up tagged to the end of everything
SailaNulda: what did?
Tizzcat2: "well, then again, I heard all of this from emily" or "stephanie told nina, and nina to emily, and emily told me, of course"
Tizzcat2: and "you know I'm telling all of this to emily, right?"
SailaNulda: ahahahahahaa
SailaNulda: I still can't believe there are people who would think we wouldn't tell each other
Tizzcat2: s'true!
SailaNulda: I mean. it's us.
Tizzcat2: ^^^^^; I know!
Tizzcat2: communal mind
Tizzcat2: you do not fuck with feko.
SailaNulda: as an example:
SailaNulda: yesterday we were in the car and I got really annoyed that OJ didn't hit the gas right away when the light turned green, and that he slowed down for stops way late. I realized the reason it pissed me off is because I've become so accustomed to your drving.
Tizzcat2: ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Tizzcat2: which is really really funny because last night poor sasha had to keep bracing herself when I'd turn or stop really fast ^^^;
SailaNulda: AHAHHAhahahaha
Tizzcat2: it was cool, though. and it was weird to have to give backstory ^^;
SailaNulda: again. full details plzthx.
12th-Jul-2005 01:43 am (UTC)
heeheehee. we rock. we rock so hard.

we struck again, like dolphins beaching ourselves upon the shores of genius. the shores of genius which breed fantasies of OMG JASON ISAACS is on WEST WING RIGHT NOW. AH.

..I'll finish this comment later. he's speaking arabic and oh. my. god

"he's a very wicked man" MRAH.

(p.s.) Liam love.
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