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(6:22:02 PM) Kelsey: and Aizen is handing out gold stars for… 
17th-Aug-2009 06:29 pm
Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn

(6:22:02 PM) Kelsey: and Aizen is handing out gold stars for effort!
(6:22:03 PM) Bela: really, bleach is hippie manga
(6:22:07 PM) Bela: everyone's a winner
(6:22:11 PM) Bela: he totally is!
(6:22:19 PM) Kelsey: Gin is hoarding them all
(6:22:20 PM) Kelsey: but still
(6:22:21 PM) Bela: and tousen is wiping their noses
(6:22:24 PM) Kelsey: heeee
(6:22:25 PM) Bela: because he's mommy
(6:22:27 PM) Kelsey: totally is
(6:22:37 PM) Kelsey: Gin is what, evil stepmom?
(6:22:55 PM) Bela: oh that could work
(6:23:02 PM) Bela: or like, live-in uncle
(6:23:07 PM) Bela: who's like the cool parent
(6:23:19 PM) Kelsey: HE'S UNCLE JESSE
(6:23:22 PM) Bela: AHHAAHHAHAYES
(6:23:28 PM) Bela: ESPADA = FULL HOUSE
(6:23:29 PM) Kelsey: \o/
(6:23:30 PM) Bela: I LOVE IT
(6:23:34 PM) Kelsey: WE'RE DONE
(6:23:35 PM) Kelsey: LIFE IS OVER
(6:23:42 PM) Kelsey: OMG YES
(6:23:44 PM) Kelsey: YESYESYEYS
(6:23:58 PM) Kelsey: Ulqiorra...?
(6:24:07 PM) Bela: michelle
(6:24:10 PM) Bela: everyone's favorite
(6:24:11 PM) Kelsey: heeeeeeeeee
(6:24:30 PM) Bela: who's dj? the oldest, ignored child?
(6:24:35 PM) Kelsey: um.
(6:24:42 PM) Kelsey: not Stark, because he's cool. Not Nel.
(6:25:19 PM) Bela: stark is uncle joey
(6:25:27 PM) Kelsey: totally is
(6:25:34 PM) Bela: YAMI
(6:25:39 PM) Bela: YAMI CAN BE DJ
(6:25:48 PM) Kelsey: TES
(6:25:50 PM) Kelsey: er YES
(6:25:57 PM) Bela: nel is that neighbor girl
(6:26:02 PM) Kelsey: heee
(6:26:03 PM) Bela: the vaguely retarded one
(6:26:08 PM) Kelsey: who are the twins?
(6:26:18 PM) Bela: OH I FORGOT THEM
(6:26:23 PM) Bela: and jesse's wifething
(6:26:23 PM) Kelsey: the two femmy brothers?
(6:26:33 PM) Kelsey: or shit
(6:26:41 PM) Kelsey: whassisname the retarded one that fights Urahara?
(6:27:12 PM) Bela: isn't that one yami?
(6:27:17 PM) Bela: or does urahara fight someone else too?
(6:27:21 PM) Kelsey: the bucktooth kid?
(6:27:28 PM) Kelsey: who likes butterflies and shit?
(6:27:34 PM) Bela: oh yeah him!
(6:28:06 PM) Bela: this is going on lj, btw
(6:28:16 PM) Kelsey: OUR GLORY IS OUR SHAME
18th-Aug-2009 01:37 am (UTC)
Brilliant yet terrifying.
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