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FEKO Rewind 
29th-Dec-2009 09:51 am
Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn
And now, a saved AIM convo from, sadly, December 2004. It took us a while to figure that one out, though. Reason number 33235 Kelsey should not go through her old files.

Behind the cut you'll find: Scruffy Dream, Boondock Saints, Clayton Should Not Have Firearms, and The Claimed Series Is CRACK.

isolabela: yo
free_method: heya
free_method: dude. you've gotta see Boondock Saints
isolabela: sasha was just asking me where you were, and i was like, "oh, she's probably at her dad's." and now you're here.
free_method: here?
isolabela: ?
isolabela: online.
free_method: ahnice
free_method: guess what Clayton got for xmas... (think of the most frightening thing in the world)
isolabela: a blowup sex toy?
free_method: not quite that scary
isolabela: a blow up snowboarding dude?
free_method: I would laugh.
isolabela: ||^^^^^^^^||
free_method: I totally know what I"m getting him for his 18th birthday, though
isolabela: it's like those videos we downloaded on his kazaa
free_method: ^_^;;;;;;
isolabela: AMUSEMENT.
free_method: that was good
isolabela: i wonder if he ever watched them.
free_method: ...
free_method: no, no you shouldn't.
isolabela: i think he'd just be confused
free_method: I can't believe how easy they were to find...
isolabela: HAHAHAHA. yeast.
free_method: don't you usually have to, like, pay
isolabela: well, it was kazaa, so
isolabela: but yeah, i think you do
free_method: oh yes ^^;
free_method: so anyway.
free_method: guess again.
isolabela: erm
free_method: no sex toys, though
isolabela: a blowup camera.
free_method: ::points above::
isolabela: i'm sticking with the blowup theme.
free_method: I can tell ^^;
isolabela: it's not sexual!
isolabela: just squishy!
free_method: it's....kind of close, actually.
free_method: blowup, i mean
isolabela: stuff that goes BOOM.
free_method: close
isolabela: stuff that goes VROOM and then BOOM
free_method: stuff that goes BANG
isolabela: fireworks?
free_method: 20 guage rifle.
free_method: I live in fear.
isolabela: dude. that's what my cousins got.
isolabela: well, dylon got a rifle, halie got a pistol
isolabela: and they were shooting birds when i was over
free_method: seriously, though. and apparently my dad's got one...somewhere in the house... that we've never known about
free_method: ^^; awesome
isolabela: hahahahaha
free_method: Clayton... gun... eeek.
isolabela: yeah. not a very good idea to give assault weapons to the asswipe 10 year old and the manic-depressive 'omg i hate the world' 12 year old.
free_method: definitely not
free_method: and you'll hate me for the dual santa presents. ~.~; but then you'll steal it and love it forever.
isolabela: ?
free_method: laptops
isolabela: GUH.
free_method: as I said.
isolabela: GUUUUUUH.
free_method: I've been using it for DVDs cause we havne't got the internet set up yet
isolabela: even though i know i'm getting a laptop before college.....GUH.
free_method: yah.
free_method: s'exciting.
isolabela: you have it nooooow.
free_method: eee.
isolabela: are you taking it to your mom's to take advantage of the wireless?
free_method: except my dad's going to steal it for jan/feb for work ^_^;
isolabela: ah
free_method: everything is a tax write-off, I swear to god. its' great
isolabela: HAHHAHAHA.
isolabela: my dad does the same thing every time the computer breaks
free_method: ^_^; nice
isolabela: "i need it for work, i swear."
free_method: heee
isolabela: emily: "dad, you havent' even LOOKED at the computer for 5 months."
free_method: If the IRS ever calls I'm supposed to claim that he took clients out to...Chipotle... every weekend.
isolabela: hahahahaha
free_method: it doesn't have to be on for it to count as work
free_method: just like... sit there. for decorative purposes
free_method: s'a psychological tool, I swear
isolabela: oj's work is going to call me tomorrow on my cell to find out if i have an appointment to buy an acura.
free_method: WOOT
isolabela: so that oj can have the day off ||^^^^^||
free_method: ^_^; good planing
isolabela: my parents are USING me
free_method: hee
isolabela: dude. you have to read my story on xanga and TELL ME it's not creepy.
free_method: I KNOW
free_method: eeeeeeeeeeeeee ::hides::
isolabela: yes
isolabela: i was so lost. torn between horror and amusement.
free_method: ^_^; and planning out the xanga entry in your head?
isolabela: of course ||^^^|| that's my life, now. something starts happening and i think "omg this is so weird. xanga."
free_method: totally
free_method: omg
free_method: I had the best dream ever
free_method: and I've been meaning to tell you for like, a week
isolabela: yay!
free_method: cause I forgot most of it, here're the highlights: We run, from Southview, a high profile and amazingly coolandpopular zine/archive for Scruffy fic. Which has no overtaken LOTR and HP as the greatest fandom evah. So one day as we're updating (at 1:36 am exactly. my brain worked in an exact time and we had like, a conversation about the 1:36 thing. it was weird.)...as we're updating, who should walk in but Scruffy! Shock! At which point he, very calmly and nicely, explains that he loves what we've done with the site and that we're his favorite authors. and then proceeds to tell us stories that he thinks should be fics. And then, um, performs some. in the computer lab. And, I swear to god, the entire time the cast of Kingdom of Heaven (...don't ask, I really don't know) was in the far corner of my non-existant peripheral vision making fucking pancakes.
free_method: ...and yes. I woke up with 'what the fuck is wrong with me? how fast can I get to xanga? and 'omg Emily should know this'
free_method: ...my life has no meaning. I am so proud.
isolabela: ::dead::
free_method: it amused me so much.
isolabela: kingdom of heaven making pancakes?
free_method: and it was probalby 3 am and I still wanted to get online to tell you
free_method: ...I have no f-ing clue
isolabela: i would have been online, too
free_method: ^^; yeah
isolabela: i havne't been to bed before 4 all break
free_method: I know that he wasn't Thewlis in my head, he was Hospitaller.
free_method: wooot.
isolabela: have you seen the trailer?
free_method: YES
free_method: it was before Phantom!
isolabela: OMG. so fucking excited
isolabela: i just watched it online
free_method: Orli's voice came on during the blackout? I started spazzing.
free_method: ^__^;
isolabela: orli's speech!
free_method: I KNOW
free_method: AH
free_method: AAAAAAAAh
isolabela: he's ACTING.
isolabela: WELL>
free_method: EEEEEE
free_method: He's JESUS
free_method: and his hair is going to KILL ME.
isolabela: HE"S AWESOME. and has scenes with MR UNFORTUNATE>
isolabela: hahahahahahahah
free_method: like Gary-as-Ros hair. THAT's how good it is
free_method: Mr. Unfortunate
isolabela: SO awesome
free_method: Best title EVAH
isolabela: yes ||^^^^^^^||
isolabela: i'm saving this convo, btw. it's probably the most amusing thing ever. especially your dream.
free_method: I was going to, but if you are than great
free_method: I think any self-respecting dream therapist would shoot us both
isolabela: i just have to remember to email it to myself
isolabela: yes
free_method: hee
isolabela: i was just thinking about the fairies dream
free_method: ^___^
isolabela: and then the striptease one
free_method: not to mention the 9-11 one
isolabela: ||^^^|| yeah
free_method: of course we shall always remember it as 'the striptease one', though
isolabela: of course
free_method: because me, lauren, terrorists and a weird ocean the most important thing is stripping
isolabela: don't forget the thermos!
free_method: oh no!
isolabela: so captivated
isolabela: not supposed to be so addicting
free_method: ^_^; isn't it, though
isolabela: ohyes
isolabela: http://thefifthdistrict.com/potter/ watch this
isolabela: so amusing
free_method: ^^^^^^^^^;
isolabela: snaaaaaaape, snaaaaaape
free_method: ^_^
isolabela: see, the problem with captivated is very little actually happens. each part is just restating what happened to various minor characters.
free_method: sooo true
free_method: and then weird miscommunication
free_method: ...you really could break each little section into 30 minute episodes, I swear to god. it's daytime tv meets qaf meets friends
isolabela: exactly
isolabela: and dave, as much as i love him, is so random
free_method: ^^; totally
free_method: but, hey, Dave is the only reason I kept reading
isolabela: although, i love the beanie/dom. that's love.
free_method: ^_^ yes
isolabela: for some reason they make me really, really happy
isolabela: but only in the context of this fic
free_method: eeeee
free_method: true
isolabela: not in normal rps.
free_method: sometimes in normal rps
isolabela: normal rps it's all about hobbitsnorli
isolabela: with a side of viggo, beanie, karl
free_method: (snrk- normal. rps. we're so fucked, man)
isolabela: well, yeah
free_method: ^_^
free_method: playground!
isolabela: i'm so reading that next
isolabela: after fun and games, that is
free_method: ^_^
isolabela: because that story makes me SHUDDER.
free_method: hee
free_method: HOOK
isolabela: HOOKS.
free_method: ^^:
isolabela: ||^^^^^^^^^||
isolabela: speaking of hook, it was on last night
free_method: we're psychic even across the country. go us.
free_method: aw cute
isolabela: yay!
free_method: Dennis Hoffman!
isolabela: dustin.
free_method: ...shut up
free_method: I'm so not even coherant right now
isolabela: hahahahah, s'all good. i still lvoe you!
free_method: ahahahaha
isolabela: yes. it's an hour earlier here, so i have no excuse.
free_method: I keep missing the 'h' key. and instead managing to hit the 'f'
free_method: which is like, two away.
free_method: holy fuck. I thought it was like, 11 here.
free_method: oops.
isolabela: you're about 2 hours off, there
free_method: shut up
isolabela: you know what's terrible, though? whenever i go to type 'such' i type 'suck'. automatically. i did it in my first paper this year.
isolabela: SO bad.
free_method: ^___^;
free_method: awesome
isolabela: lij creamed his release, anyone?
free_method: YES
free_method: my problem of course is that my spellcheck is now a fandom slut.
isolabela: yes, that is a problem
free_method: so I can mistype something as, like, Maglor, and it'll work
free_method: or Viggo
free_method: or RPS. which, y'know, I'm sure Cussler would understand,
isolabela: HAHAHAHAHAHa
isolabela: http://fan-sites.org/elijah/gallery/details.php?image_id=996
isolabela: guh.
free_method: ::drool::
isolabela: so adorable.
free_method: ::rightclick:: stupidfuckingbastardsfuckingfinearg
isolabela: hahahahahahahaa
isolabela: http://fan-sites.org/elijah/gallery/details.php?image_id=1304 lijah's handwriting makes me giggle
free_method: oh god.
free_method: he's a messy girl
isolabela: http://fan-sites.org/elijah/gallery/details.php?image_id=1306 and he can't speel.
isolabela: spell
free_method: ahahsahahaha
isolabela: well, looks like we have something in common.
free_method: all of us
isolabela: but a SPLINTER. kelsey. i don't like splinters.
free_method: I KNOW
free_method: "::madgiggle::
isolabela: same ||^^^^^^^^^^||
isolabela: http://fan-sites.org/elijah/gallery/details.php?image_id=1311 ah! giant lijah!
free_method: 0
free_method: _o
free_method: why can't we live theeerre
isolabela: dude, why can't we live in the boat?
free_method: ...good point
isolabela: or in anyone of their beds. i'd go for that, too.
free_method: ::dies::
isolabela: i'm going to have to draw a picture one day when i have talent and then the world will know what the boat really is
free_method: ^__^
free_method: at which point we will be stoned to death
isolabela: yes
isolabela: but that's okay. it's a good way to go, with prettiness.
free_method: mmm
isolabela: god. part 22 orli and harry still on the date and haven't even gotten to the fucking yet.
isolabela: dude. for serious.
free_method: ^^^^^^^;
free_method: fucking tease
isolabela: if they don't start up in this part i'm gonna be pissed.
isolabela: hahahahha
isolabela: cocktease without the cock.
free_method: s'like a bad date: everybody's just waiting for the sex. the rest is shit.
isolabela: waitaminute.
free_method: c'mon. Orli and Harry. who's looking for mushy communication
isolabela: he drops him off? no sex? wha?
free_method: pfff
isolabela: do they not do it until harry and karl finally make up?
free_method: ...
free_method: shit
free_method: I don't think so
isolabela: bastards.
free_method: waitno- cause Harry and Karl do their fake 'I hate you' gag at Dom's party in Consorted.
free_method: by which point Harry and Orli have certainly slept together
free_method: so... before or during the H-K reconcilliation
free_method: ...~.~; I can't believe I'm wasting valuable brain cells remembering that shit
isolabela: hahhahaha
isolabela: i hate all this "he hasn't told you? fuck if i'm going to--ask him" stuff. they do that EVERY SINGLE PART.
free_method: arg
free_method: such shit
isolabela: "Not as such, no. We promised each other, vowed, actually, that if one of us ever took a pet, unthinkable, since we knew we'd never find anyone that would want the both of us..." His smile was ironic. "Anyway, if and when the...um...second man, for want of a better term, bound himself to the pet...well..." he stopped, cleared his throat, continued to gaze at Orlando out of sad eyes. "You're not going to like this."
Orlando froze with his glass halfway to his mouth. His eyes locked with Karl's. "Tell me."
"Wouldn't do anything without the first one being present the first time," Karl finished, wincing slightly. "We wanted to make sure that we completed the circle correctly the first time. Made it truly about 'us'...all of us."

isolabela: so, they have to be reconciled.
free_method: yeah
free_method: fucking hell
isolabela: oh wait. karl released harry from the pact. harry and orli will fuck like bunnies and emily will giggle.
free_method: aaaah
isolabela: and harry and karl are both really pissy
free_method: hee
isolabela: orli's such a fucking girl
free_method: totally
isolabela: still not fucking. ::pokes harry/orli:: fuck, you!
free_method: fuck, fuck damn you, fuck!
isolabela: damnit, more talking. MORE TALKING.
isolabela: but, they're going to go talk to karl, so i suppose they'll make up and then there'll be trheesome fucking. always nice.
free_method: ^^
free_method: http://www.amfp.org/boondock/snap0033.jpg this is why you need to see Boondock Saints
free_method: the twincest is *this* close to being canon
free_method: and, well. the fandom's acronym is BDS.
isolabela: ohsoadorable
free_method: they're IRISH
free_method: with ACCENTS
isolabela: *yes*
free_method: and they like, love eachother to death
free_method: and bicker
free_method: and and and ::squee::
free_method: and kill people, yay!
isolabela: 3way kissing. never really made sense.
free_method: naw
isolabela: they have fucked. yayness.
free_method: yyasaaay
isolabela: now it's time for dave. bring on the dave.
free_method: and it only took waytolong
free_method: DAVE
isolabela: though i dun think that even comes close until consorted
free_method: at least Dave happens relatively fast
free_method: Dave and Orli have their office talk thing before Consorted, but that's it
isolabela: i can't even remember how dave happens. i'm so excited.
isolabela: yeah, that already happened
free_method: Consorted opens with everyone thinking that Karl and Harry are still apart
isolabela: before harry came back and all
free_method: at the party thing
isolabela: yeast
isolabela: excted for party. party=dom/beanie love
free_method: eee
isolabela: it's 1 AM. i am hesitant to start consorted
isolabela: but damn, addicting!
free_method: ^_^
free_method: I've reread Consorted twice in the last month. it's sick
free_method: and Istop as soon as the fucking is over ^^;
isolabela: HAHAHHAHAHA. that's the way to go
isolabela: i tend to skim the sex scenes and the big 'you don't talk' fights, because a)they say the smae thing and b) the sex just makes me giggle
free_method: yup
isolabela: i have to pee so bad and yet i can't. stop. reading.
free_method: heeee
isolabela signed on at 2:29:37 AM.
isolabela: you know, i never understood the whole "omg orli dancing is the sexiest thing ever CUM!"
free_method: ^^^; so true
free_method: or that damned ring thing
isolabela: how do you dancy by yourself without looking retarded?
free_method: ...I just... I don't get it
free_method: Christ-driven retarded angel of hope!
isolabela signed on at 2:48:49 AM.
isolabela signed off at 2:51:53 AM.
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