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Phantom=Star Wars 
23rd-Jun-2005 09:10 pm
Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn
SailaNulda: ...wow, 'wishing you were somehow here again' is a totally qui/obi song
Tizzcat2: oh man
Tizzcat2: ...what's that from?
Tizzcat2: crap. I can sing the damn song but I don't remember the source
SailaNulda: phantom ^^^^^;
Tizzcat2: thankyou
SailaNulda: i thought the daddy references would remind you, dude.
Tizzcat2: dude; phantom is just one huge analogy for Q/O vs. O/A
SailaNulda: this song is so SICK in it's original context.
Tizzcat2: I fail at life and POTO references
SailaNulda: OMG YES
Tizzcat2: it is though!
Tizzcat2: yes!

Tizzcat2: if canon!Qui-Gon = Raoul, Anakin= Erik (because BDSM!Qui-Gon'd have to be Erik, which'd work, just not in canon)

Tizzcat2: I am amused by Qui-Gon's humongous hands.
SailaNulda: because Liam Neeeson has those hands made for sex.
SailaNulda: seriously.
SailaNulda: GUH.
Tizzcat2: I KNOW
Tizzcat2: ::shiver::
SailaNulda: I want them on my body NOW.
SailaNulda: guhuuuuuuh
Tizzcat2: guuuuuuuuh
SailaNulda: that with his voice just......guh.
Tizzcat2: maaaaaaaah
SailaNulda: *quiver*
Tizzcat2: I...I can't form actual words at this point. I'm just sitting in my kitchen moaning and drooling. my dad's probably going to commit me or something.
Tizzcat2: if I disappear for a few weeks, you'll know I ended up in the psychiatric ward.
SailaNulda: hahhahahahahahhaa
SailaNulda: guh.
SailaNulda: that's what sums it up
SailaNulda: GUH.
Tizzcat2: exactly. the only describably sound.
Tizzcat2: and "shiver" "quiver" "shudder" "orgasmwoah"
Tizzcat2: because it's Liam fucking Neeson and his fucking hands.

SailaNulda: ...I laugh and think of 'think of me', ani to obi
Tizzcat2: ^^^^^^^^^^^^; heee
SailaNulda: "well, we never said our love was evergreen!"
Tizzcat2: you can totally see Ani going all psycho on Obi-Wan "LOVE ME, that's all I ask of you! (or else I'll kill EVERYONE in the UNIVERSE)"
Tizzcat2: heeeeee

SailaNulda: I see qui singing music of the night and obi being like "you old PERVERT."
Tizzcat2: ahahahahahahahahaha
SailaNulda: I'm totally his dad, come to daddy, obi! Daddy love you!
Tizzcat2: that's great.
SailaNulda: heeeeeeeeeee

Tizzcat2: Emily: the communal mind has struck again!
SailaNulda: YES!
Tizzcat2: (like dolphins!)
SailaNulda: like dolphins beaching themselves!
SailaNulda: YES
SailaNulda: OMG KELSEY
SailaNulda: our soul bond. it's back.
Tizzcat2: YAY
SailaNulda: funny, since the fic i'm reading they're trying to repair their bond ^^^^;
Tizzcat2: Even distance won't kill the soul bond!
Tizzcat2: ^^^;; heee
SailaNulda: baby there ain't no mountain hiiiiiiiiigh enough!
Tizzcat2: repair? it broke?
Tizzcat2: heeee
SailaNulda: yes

SailaNulda: 'the phantom of the opera is here inside your mind"
SailaNulda: SOUL BOND

Tizzcat2: dude. Yoda + Mace = Andre + Fermin
Tizzcat2: "far too many notes for my taste"
SailaNulda: YES OMG
Tizzcat2: Christine + Mme Giry? um.
SailaNulda: um
Tizzcat2: Luke/Leia?
SailaNulda: i dunno
SailaNulda: yes
Tizzcat2: "I know everything" "I'm an airhead"
SailaNulda: bruck and xanatos need someone!
Tizzcat2: the guy!
Tizzcat2: who gets hanged!
SailaNulda: oh yes! buhey!
Tizzcat2: (for Bruck)
SailaNulda: somenthign
Tizzcat2: yeas
SailaNulda: boohey. booey
SailaNulda: yay for spelling
Tizzcat2: uuum. Xanatos = evil circus people?
SailaNulda: ALL of them
Tizzcat2: yeah
SailaNulda: he learned to multiply like GERBALS.
SailaNulda: spelling. spelling wow.
Tizzcat2: he multiplied HIMSELF.
Tizzcat2: heeeee
SailaNulda: heeeeeee
Tizzcat2: emily, I want a Gerbal.
SailaNulda: okay, Kelsey.
Tizzcat2: yaaaay! can it turn into Xanatos?
SailaNulda: YES

Tizzcat2: and then destroy people and be sexy?
SailaNulda: and then you can lure qui there because oyu know he has to have his very unjedi like revenge
SailaNulda: and then of course obi would come with
Tizzcat2: YES
Tizzcat2: ohdera
Tizzcat2: *dear
Tizzcat2: ORGY! YAY!
SailaNulda: YES
Tizzcat2: AAAAAH

SailaNulda: oh, it's time for music of the night
SailaNulda: i'm not going to be able to stop laughing
SailaNulda: OLD PERVE
Tizzcat2: AHAHAHAHas
SailaNulda: minus the extra e
Tizzcat2: yeas
SailaNulda: 'silently the senses abandon their defenses'
Tizzcat2: oh my god
SailaNulda: heeeeeeee
SailaNulda: 'feel it hear it closing in around you, open up your mind let your fantasies unwind'
SailaNulda: they are making this FAR TOO EASY.
Tizzcat2: ^___^
SailaNulda: 'let your soul take you where you long to BEEEEEEEEEEEEE only then can you belong to me'
Tizzcat2: Possessive OMG GUH

Tizzcat2: 1. "the prison of my mind" 2. "the wickedness of my abhorrent face" <-- dude, can totally see Qui-Gon beating himself up about not being pretty.
SailaNulda: ahahahahahaa
Tizzcat2: also: so many references to bondage in the finale.
Tizzcat2: SO many!
Tizzcat2: oh I am so amused by the "Free her!"
Tizzcat2: Obi: HEY.
SailaNulda: hahahahahahaha
SailaNulda: you ol' queen!

Tizzcat2: ....a fly just spontaneously died on my computer
SailaNulda: hahahahaha
Tizzcat2: like, seriously, it flew up, landed on the top and fell off dead.
Tizzcat2: o_o;
Tizzcat2: okay, my computer can kill things with its mind.
Tizzcat2: I am so happy.
SailaNulda: hahahahha
SailaNulda: i want a computer like that, dude
Tizzcat2: ::awe::

Tizzcat2: mkay, I'm still for Qui-as-Raoul. just because he'd totally be the "well. just do what makes you happy. ::mournful sigh:: but I love you." and Anakin'd be so much more "Sex you up NOW"
Tizzcat2: shit.
Tizzcat2: I said "mkay"
Tizzcat2: dammit Emily.
SailaNulda: HAHAHHA
SailaNulda: sorry, kelsey
Tizzcat2: you're across the country and I pick up your lingo. wtf, communal mind.
SailaNulda: wtf, communal mind indeedc
SailaNulda: with a C at the end!
Tizzcat2: ^^; oh well.
SailaNulda: it's the new indeed.
Tizzcat2: Teal'c kinda indeed. "Indeed'c"
Tizzcat2: sorry. i had to ^^;

Tizzcat2: you still getting that dry-lighning?
Tizzcat2: *lightning
SailaNulda: RAINING. in the DESERT.
Tizzcat2: ah! lighting-without-lube!
SailaNulda: i guess so
Tizzcat2: sky rape!
Tizzcat2: anthropomorphic is greatness.
SailaNulda: *is ded*
SailaNulda: SKY RAPE.

Tizzcat2: dude. it'd not be a monkey box. it'd totally be a yoda box.
SailaNulda: ||^^^^^^^||
Tizzcat2: imagine it!
Tizzcat2: the temple'd work as an opera house.
SailaNulda: oh god YES.
Tizzcat2: ::lost in happy AU land::
SailaNulda: oh man, and to completely bring this full circle, "THE GREATEST THING YOU"LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN."
Tizzcat2: YES.
Tizzcat2: omg YES.
SailaNulda: YEEEES
Tizzcat2: they'd give Obi-Wan such shit for singing so high, you know it.
SailaNulda: hahahhahaa YES
Tizzcat2: ::grimace at Christine's parts::
SailaNulda: soooooo high
Tizzcat2: DUDE
Tizzcat2: Xanatos?
Tizzcat2: Carlotta!
Tizzcat2: aaah@
Tizzcat2: *!
Tizzcat2: it's perfect!
SailaNulda: ^^^
SailaNulda: SO IS
Tizzcat2: Palpatine could be the Sr Piangi.
SailaNulda: hahahahaha
Tizzcat2: and yes, Senor = Sr. because my fingers just stop typing in the middle of the word
SailaNulda: heeeeee

SailaNulda: "no more talk of darkness, forget these wide-eyed fears, i'm here, with you beside you, to calm you and to guide you"
SailaNulda: QUI LOVE.
Tizzcat2: 0_o; it totally just played that on mine
Tizzcat2: that's scary.
Tizzcat2: and, TOTALLY.
SailaNulda: ahahahahaha
Tizzcat2: "and the angel of music sings songs in my head" FORCE woah?
SailaNulda: hahahahaa
SailaNulda: SOUL BOND
Tizzcat2: "slave of fashion"
SailaNulda: ahahahahaha
Tizzcat2: dude. you can totally see pissed-n-possessive!Qui bitching about Anakin's clothes
Tizzcat2: oh dear.
SailaNulda: oh for sure
SailaNulda: "I gave you my music, made your song take wing and now how you've repaid me, denied me and betrayed me"
SailaNulda: bitter!qui
Tizzcat2: yes.
Tizzcat2: k. Erik = AU Qui.
Tizzcat2: because there's really one variation on AU Qui.
Tizzcat2: BDSMy badass mastah.
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