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Resist Me
And Die
Twu Wov 
7th-Jul-2005 01:54 am
Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn
Tizzcat2: you can't try and change it
Tizzcat2: therefore, no name
Tizzcat2: none at all
SailaNulda: no it's retarded
SailaNulda: he doesn't count. he's real
Tizzcat2: she lost her naming-of-self privileges
Tizzcat2: exactly
SailaNulda: yeas
Tizzcat2: emily, I'm revoking your naming-of-self privileges. you may now only answer to names I give you.
Tizzcat2: so you can be Foam for the rest of your natural life
Tizzcat2: yay!
SailaNulda: I'm Rock, moron
Tizzcat2: shit
Tizzcat2: well, now you're Foam
SailaNulda: you can't switch it!
Tizzcat2: I just did, bitch! mwahaha.
SailaNulda: You'd be no better than LauraKaty/KatyLaura!
SailaNulda: I can't let you fall into that trap, Kelsey!
SailaNulda: I just can't!
SailaNulda: I...I...I love you.
Tizzcat2: thankyou emily! you have saved my (im)mortal soul!
SailaNulda: (Un)williing slave of mine!
Tizzcat2: aaaaaah! emily, I knew your true feelings would be revealed at least
Tizzcat2: ooooh, kinky
SailaNulda: my mental shields are only so strong, you know
Tizzcat2: don't worry though, I wont' break all your limbs or kill your husband to get to you
SailaNulda: our bond is so intense. There were times that I was sure you could sense my DESIRE.
Tizzcat2: OOH.
SailaNulda: oh good
Tizzcat2: and you staved it off by doing the Katas of the Night?
SailaNulda: yes. and kelsey?
SailaNulda: I have written you a Kata.
Tizzcat2: I feel cherished.
Tizzcat2: and captivated.
SailaNulda: are you floating? are you falling?
SailaNulda: sweet intoxication?
Tizzcat2: I'm doing both, baby
Tizzcat2: heroin counts, right?
SailaNulda: totally
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