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Resist Me
And Die
18th-Aug-2005 03:12 pm
feko moon

FEKO dreams of a galaxy far, far away, and sleeps better knowing that it is protected by the wise and powerful Jedi Master Lampu!

(poor, abused Jedi Master Lampu, who owes her title to the George Lucas School of Bad Names, and has over time come to enjoy being stuck under a laundry basket. she likes it, we swear.)

AND --omg two-topic post!--

FEKO flew to Florida recently, and frolicked in the...froth. (of the great Moc/Moq Ocean!) and ate pie! and lazed around like the mindless slash-obsessed addicts they are. our sandcastle would have been a slash mark, if not for the discomfort of sand in Bad Places, the lure of the Moc/Moq, and the people on horses staring at our sand-covered asses. Because then we went back to the waves and were attacked by a jellyfish. He'd escaped from a zoo in Tennessee and was trying to turn Emily into a mermaid. *nodnod* And we didn't pee on it, just beheaded shark fruit snacks as revenge and then had Mexican* food. Yes, it was exciting.

*Not NON-MEXICAN, though.
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